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Guangzhou Risong Intelligent Technology Holding Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Risong Technology") is a high-tech enterprise engaged with R&D, design, manufacturing, application and sales of robot, industrial software, and intelligent manufacturing. It provides customers with flexible, automated and intelligent system solutions. In 2020, Risong Technology was successfully listed on the Sci-Tech Innovation Board of Shanghai Stock Exchange (with the stock name of Risong Technology and the stock code of 688090).

Adhering to the philosophy of "development driven by technology", Risong Technology has achieved a number of fruitful results in core technologies through independent R&D for its business in robots, industrial software, key components, system integration, process solutions, and industrial services. It serves high-end manufacturing users at home and abroad. Up to now, it has provided tens of thousands of robot intelligent equipment sets for the manufacturing industry and undertaken nearly 1,000 sets of automated robot production lines and system solutions used for welding, assembly, laser processing, testing, handling, and painting. It serves customers from a variety of sectors such as automotive industry, computer, communication and consumer electronics, rail transit, aerospace, marine engineering, mechanical heavy industry, elevator manufacturing, and shipbuilding.
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Risong Technology
Stock code688090
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Business Segment
With technology as the core, digital as the carrier, and facing the whole manufacturing process, it provides comprehensive digital chemical plant and intelligent factory solutions, which are applied to the automotive industry, auto parts, mechanical heavy industry, 3C electronics, rail transit, aerospace, ocean engineering and other intelligent manufacturing fields.
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With equipment as the core, standardized equipment and intelligent equipment (laser equipment, semiconductor equipment, friction stir welding equipment, etc.); Robots (including industrial robots, special robots, etc.), explore the application direction of service robots; New materials, new processes and semiconductor equipment.
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Take software as the core to comprehensively promote digital transformation and digital services. The application software of digital chemical plant based on the independent platform of 3D simulation focuses on the application of robots and machine tools, and provides scalable solutions for various complex levels from a single robot workstation to the entire production line.
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With the network as the core and through the comprehensive connection of people, machines, things and systems, a new manufacturing and service system covering the entire industrial chain and the entire value chain has been built, which provides a way to realize the digitalization, networking and intelligent development of industry and even industry, and is an important cornerstone of the fourth industrial revolution.
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Intelligent Technology
Technology Leads Enterprise Development
Contributing to Technological Innovation and Social Progress
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Ruisong Technology adheres to the concept of "technology leading enterprise development", has a stable and excellent talent team, and has a number of foreign experts and technical and management talents returned from overseas. During many years of active exploration, Ruisong Technology has adhered to the implementation of its independent technology innovation strategy, accumulated a large number of industry-related technical achievements and experience, and the technical level has been continuously improved. The independent research and development has so far reaped core technical achievements and applied them to the market in a total of 17. As of June 30, 2022, the company and its holding subsidiaries have obtained 297 patent rights (including 55 invention patents), 40 computer software copyrights, and 151 patent rights in application (including 122 invention patents). The technical level of some independent innovation products is ahead of domestic competitors and reaches the international advanced level.
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